Social Life

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In Juana Zeme socializing is a major aspect of day to day life. The people are raised to interact with one another. From a young age, children are socialized; while parents are away at work Nannies take on a small group of children and teacfamily-cookingh them the basics, preparing them for school. When they are school-aged, they spend their free time with their parents or exploring their neighborhoods freely.

When it is time to eat, families take their meals together, even preparing them together to make sure that every citizen learns the basics of cooking. During the day and first thing in the morning, they rely on the delicious, nutrient-rich super fruit. On the last day of the week the people of Juana Zeme abandon their homes and join together in a neighborhood wide feast. Everyone brings a treat or a dish to share, and they dance and sing and laugh the night away, as well as spending time debating and sharing the events of the past week. These weekly meals are a way to relax and enjoy an evening of fun.

   Juana Zeme explodes with magic countless times during the year. They have grand and beautiful festivals as often as possible. When these festivals start the city explodes into a phantasmagorical scene of colour and creatures. The four most important festivals are the annual tare-forming festival, the fire festival, the chocolate festival and the coffee festival. Each of these festivals take over the entire city excluding no one. The Tare-forming festival is to celebrate the creation of the new planet. The fire festival is to honor the very element that made the birth of civilization possible. Where as the coffee and the chocolate festivals is to enjoy the abundance of both products on the island. These festivals are great where everyone prepares thfloweir best of anything to share with others. Be it food, dance, clothes, jewelry, art or so on. Everyone dressed up in masks and play games and share in the enjoyment. The people of Juana Zeme love festivals so much that every week they have a smaller inter district feast for the people to relax and celebrate another day of life and accomplishment. The people of each district bring treats like cakes and jams and chocolates to share. They also bring full dishes and party the night away.


Other important celebrations are the unions of couples, birthdays and funerals. These celebrations are smaller and only for familie
 s, close friends, and neighbors. When a couple is united they are given a new home to start their new life in. Their friends and family decorate the home to always be warm and welcoming. In order to prevent over-expansion, the buildings are built up and not out. This also ensures that a couple’s new home will be on a higher level and closer to the sky. Some couples want to start their own family unit and have


children, while others aren’t so keen on the idea.  Both are equally acceptable.  Once the choice to have a child is made, the couple must go through extensive testing and be granted fit to have children. They can reapply as much as they want.  Since coupling is not for the purpose of reproducing, there is no stigma on same sex relations; in fact, it is very common.

draft_lens2281317module12689396photo_1263227671feto_evolution_1 Options have been made available to them if they wish to have children. For men a surrogate mother will volunteer, and for women artificial insemination is used. Birth is kept as naturally as possible, as is everything in their lives.

Along with the good though the bad must be remembered. With birth there is death, and with death ceremonies to celebrate the passing. These events are grand and always take place on the beaches. Fire dancers dance and a large bone fire is burnt. They people are then cremated where they will be reunited with nature. The people of Junan Zeme believe that from nature they come and that is where they should return. Funerals are sad events, but rather mourning the passing they celebrate the life they lived. With long nights lots of food and wonderful entertainment.

 Food is eaten fresh; milk is delivered daily in glass bottles, and fruit and vegetables are transported in wooden crates. Their clothes are made from natural fibers. Everyone in Juana Zeme are given the same amount and same style of white clothes. It is up to them to personalize and do what they please with them as a form of self-expression.



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