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Below is an article from Scientific American about the technology of Juana Zeme.  Unfortunately, the article, written by a NASA specialist, could not be published.  The author then joined our ranks and leaked the article to us.

imagesIt’s the scientific discovery of a millennium: the newfound planet of Juana Zeme has wondrous scientific marvels which scientists at NASA are currently examining so they can discover how humanity can follow and learn from their amazing lifestyle. World governments are keeping details low until they can all be uncovered, but we at Scientific American Magazine are here to bring you the basics of this scientifically advanced society.

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A synthetic picking “superfruit”

Perhaps the most important aspect of Juana Zemeian technology is their use of robotics. Their robots, or “synthetics,” are used for farming, executing dangerous tasks, and generally the tasks that the citizens of Juana Zeme do not wish to perform. The synthetics, although not possessing any form of artificial intelligence, are able to respond to changes in their environments to perform their tasks perfectly.

The first thing we humans may think of in our “communications” age is “how do these aliens communicate?” Surprisingly, their communications technology is rare; instead, the Juana Zemeians are connected via a “hive-mind” and use this to share information and emotions. It is a complicated process, and they learn at a young age how to control their mind. Because of this sub-mind, they use technological communication rarely: for reminders of festivals, recognition of excellence, and the rare emergency.

Transportation is something else for which the Juana Zemeians do not use technology. Within their neighbourhoods, they will walk or ride bicycles. Because they have no private property, these bicycles are shared. Similarly, no one owns vehicles. Instead, for travel between the districts of the massive city, Juana Zemeians ride trains.

The Juana Zemeians fall victim to disease rarely. On the rare occasion they become seriously ill, they respect their natural biology and use healing methods stemming from the biology of their world. As a last resort they will turn to synthetic medicines. Because of this respect for their natural bodies, they do not use their advanced technologies for self-enhancement. In the case of a freak accident, they can use cloning methods to heal injuries or re-grow limbs.

Exploration is a key part of the Juana Zemeian science, but not of their planet: of the solar system around them. They are relatively new to this solar system, and they journey to the other planets to study and learn. While their goal is not to find new life, if it is found, they study it in isolation on their spacecrafts to avoid any contamination of their society. They are very self-isolated and avoid contacting other intelligent life.

They also use their “space program” to dispose of their waste—little though it is—by ejecting it into space and disintegrating it with a molecular separator. Because of their strong connection to nature, they do not create non-degradable materials, like plastic. Glass is plentiful on Juana Zeme thanks to the massive amounts of sand in the oceans, and this is one of their primary building materials, along with metals obtained from asteroid mining.


A solar panel

How do the Juana Zemeians power all of this technology? From the synthetics to daily use of electronic devices, the citizens rely on both solar and tidal power. Their society sits on the equator of their planet, allowing for beneficial angles of sunlight. The coastlines that stretch for kilometres provide ample amounts of energy.

Technology plays a role in the recreation of Juana Zeme, though not through the war-based video games of human society. Anti-gravity simulators are used for sports and are enjoyed by all as a way to participate in a group activity and be active. For individual based recreation, Juana Zemeians play exploration-based games, which are simulations based off the travels to the other planets in their solar system mentioned above. For any and all recreation based around technology, the Juana Zemeians make sure that while it is enjoyable, it still has a basis in self-improvement.

The final and most intriguing aspect of Juana Zemeian technology is their ark. In the centre of their city sits a massive rocket filled with samples of the soil, air, water, plants, and animals of Juana Zeme. It also holds plenty of the technology listed above, and all the equipment necessary for terraforming. The Juana Zemeians are prepared for natural disasters of any kind that could wipe out their species; in the event of a dire emergency, all the citizens would board the ark and escape to the skies.

How world governments and space agencies will use this wealth of information and ideas remains to be seen, but we assume that new human technologies will arise from them.


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