We believed we were alone, then a new world is discovered. Our species uncovers its secrets.

Who are these people? Where did they come from? Are they friendly? Did they mean for us to discover their existence? This public announcement from a radio show shows just how much wonder there is to behold of this amazing discovery. The amount of world chatter on this new-found utopia is stifling.

The Juana Zemeians originate not from Juana Zeme, but from a world that was rendered uninhabitable due to natural disaster and disease. Being a highly technologically advanced society, they were able to design and shape a new planet, Juana Zeme, or “New World”, to their liking and ideals through terraforming. The population created their perfect utopia. For a long time, the civilization lived in silence on their paradise planet. But now, their presence is beginning to be discovered by others: us here on Earth. A young Juana Zemeian student stole a capsule from his learning centre, loaded it with information of Juana Zeme, and sent it off into  space, like a message in a bottle. This capsule was the very same space projectile that landed in Russia in 2013.

In the middle of the capital city on Juana Zeme stands the tall and looming tower-machine, the ARK (Astronomical Receptacle of Knowledge).The ARK contains all the necessary information and resources to essentially start new life on another planet. Should Juana Zeme be thrown into a crisis, the ARK may be prepared and loaded with passengers to take off and escape Juana Zeme within minutes. It acts as a central hub for the entire planet, and contains the knowledge, science, technology, and information databases of the entire civilization, as well as samples of soil, air, and plant and animal life.

Conceptual vision of the ARK in the Capital City.

Conceptual vision of the ARK in the Capital City.Conceptual view from inside the ARK. Conceptual view from inside the ARK.

View of Capital City from the top of the ARK

View of Capital City from the top of the ARK



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