Geography and Topography

The planet of Juana Zeme is one the citizens terraformed for themselves.  They were able to choose whatever landscape they wished, and chose to place all the land around the equator for ideal weather conditions.  Mountains jut high in the centre of the continent, with colourful and life-filled rainforests leading down into rolling plains.  Much of the world is oceanic, and the capital city takes up a huge chunk of land.


A map of Juana Zeme that arrived in the capsule

Instead of taking up land farming, the Juana Zemians have constructed off-shore farms, manned by the synthetics.  They eat what might be called a “superfruit:” a genetically-modified fruit, this is the staple of their diet instead of rice or bread.  They are omnivorous, eating meat as well.  They take advantage of the massive oceans for fishing.


A map we created in false colour

Juana Zeme has only one moon which the Juana Zemians travel to, as well as other planets in their solar system.


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