Education and Vocations

Prezi can be found here.

The youth of Juana Zeme are taught to become model citizens at a young age. The evolving brains of the Juana Zemeians need to be nourished and fed with information. Thus, the youth are placed into the education system when they are about ten Earth years old.  Since the Juana Zemeians have an average life span of 200 years, this makes ten years old a relatively young age.

Up until this point, the Juana Zemeian youth spend their time socializing with friends, learning from their parents, and exploring the capital city. The youth are watched over by nannies or caregivers. The caregiver as a profession can be taken on by adult Juana Zemeians who prove worthy to care for another citizen.  This is a very important profession, as they are to be entrusted with a life.

The basic objective of school is to discover or unlock the Juana Zemeian youth’s hidden talent and help them realize their true interests and pursuits. The goal is not to order or imply what the youth should be doing, but rather to uncover where their hearts lie and to encourage them along the way. The youth are observed as they interact with eachother, and they are evaluated as they are given tasks in various subjects of study in Juana Zeme.   

Juana Zeme is a technologically advanced society, and they rely vastly on their use of intellect and architectural design to get tasks done. They design robots and machinery to aid in various tasks and to make life easier. Manual labour is rare, as the Juana Zemeians rely on these robots to get the job done.

There is a basic centre for learning, a central hub that all youth are funneled in when they begin education.  This takes the form of a domed garden, where learning occurs in the midst of nature and stimulates a connection to the world around them early on in their lives. The youth learn hands-on and through field trips, where they learn what they can be capable of and how they can contribute to society.  These lessons are observed by instructors personally chosen by the city to teach their craft and pass on their knowledge.  These individuals earn their position through demonstrated  esteem in the community, and it is considered a great honor to pass on what they know.  After assessment and encouragement, the students choose a field of specialization in which to further their studies. Should they be successful in their endeavours, the now older youth, after further training, get jobs and sprout a career in their field of desire. The youth are further educated on how to develop and control their unique ability of the hive mind that every Juana Zemeian possesses. They learn to upload information, and to access a large database of information passed down from their ancestors.

A major component of the jobs in Juana Zeme revolves around technology, research, and robotics manufacturing. The sciences are a big part of society, and art is treated more as a hobby or pastime, rather than a profession or career path. Many Juana Zemeians express themselves artistically, as they take great pleasure in art and creativity. Many examples of jobs are doctors, engineers, programmers, chemists, biologists, geneticists, architects, physicists, astronomers, mechanics, robotics engineers, and geographers.

The education experience relies on seeking out the strengths of the individual, rather than forcing the individual to conform to a rigid system.  In this way Juana Zemeians are content with their career choices and become better citizens because of it.


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