Law and Crime


All the laws in Juana Zeme are separated into two categories, minor and major.

Minor laws are failing to contribute to society, forcing ones belief onto others, impeding others from expressing themselves freely, and having children without prior permission. These laws are punishable by working. Instead of working in the work force they will do menial manual labour replacing the robot workers. Once they have paid their dues to society they are welcome to continue living their lives regularly.

Major crimes are anything that causes severe harm to others, such as murder,assault of any kind, physical abuse, mental abuse, and rape. All citizens who break major laws are cut off from the hive mgihind and exiled from the main city. Unlike for minor laws the people who break major laws are not permitted to rejoin society. Most of major criminals end up dying from insanity or inability to survive in exile. Euthanasia is not against the law. The people of Juana Zeme do not see the point of forcing people who are in pain to continue funliving. Suicide is not common on Juna Zeme; many people don’t understand why anyone would want to, but it is not against the law. A person who commits suicide is treated just as well as those who die naturally. It is law in Juana Zeme that everyone will be honoured when they pass on, whether they are a criminal, committed suicide, didn’t agree to be euthanized, or died naturally. Crimes may be reported through the hive mind to the current Overseer or public officials. Public officials are charged with protecting the welfare of the people and the execution of the laws. If a public official, or the Overseer, abuses their power they will be removed and replaced. They are monitored through the hive mind and must be connected in at all times when on the job. Public officials are also tasked with making sure that in dangerous situations that all the people of Juana Zeme are notified of the situation whether it is through the hive mind, or other means such as visual, audio or physical. Protecting the health and safety of the people of Juana Zeme is the main reason why the laws are implemented. 


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